John Cocuzzi, vibraphone, piano, drums, vocals
John Cocuzzi CDs
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CD - "Groove Merchant"

Groove Merchant
(J on vibes/vocals)


CD - "For All We Know"

For All We Know
(solo CD, piano/vocals)


CD cover - Swingin' and Burnin'

Swingin' and Burnin'
(J on vibes/piano/voc)


CD cover - Fool's Paradise

Fool's Paradise
(John on piano/vocals)


CD cover - Together

(John on piano/vocals)

CD - Movin' Up - Je Ascione Quartet

Movin' Up
(John on vibes/piano)


CD cover - Legends

(John on vibes)


CD - Swing and Other Things

Swing and Other Things
(John on vibes)


CD cover - with Daryl Sherman

Celebrating M. Bailey /Red Norvo (J on vibes)


CD cover - Atlanta Jazz Party

At the Atlanta Jazz Party (John on vibes)


CD cover - SHoeless John Jackson

Shoeless John Jackson
(John on vibes)










CDs listed below feature John on PIANO with the Big 3 TRIO and with BIG JOE and the DYNAFLOWS

CD - We Got Rhythm

We Got Rhythm
(John on piano/vocals)


CD - All Night Long

All Night Long
(John on piano/vocals)


CD - I'm Still Swingin'

I'm Still Swingin'
(John on piano/vocals)


CD-The Blues You Would Just Hate to Lose 2

The Blues You Would Just Hate to Lose, v.2


LIVE in ARIZONA – John on VIBES and PIANO. Limited quantities available from John.

CD - Jazz Celebration

(AZ) A Jazz Celebration
in the Desert LIVE

(John on vibes/piano)


CD - More Celebrating

(AZ) MORE Celebrating Jazz in the Desert LIVE
(John on vibes/piano)


CD - Embraceable You

(AZ) Embraceable You
Sheridan / Cocuzzi
(John on piano/vocals)


CD - Under the Palms

(AZ) Jazz LIVE
Under the Palms
(John on vibes/piano)


CD - Jazz LIVE Under the Palms

Under the Palms

(John on vibes/piano)


CD - Stairway to Paradise

(AZ) Stairway to
to Paradise
(John on vibes)


CD - LIVE in Cactus Country

(AZ) John Cocuzzi
LIVE in Cactus Country
(John on vb / p / voc)



JOHN COCUZZI LIVE! in Cactus Country
Recorded at the 2006 AZ Classic Jazz Fest.
Sample: "Avalon"
with John Cocuzzi joining TITAN HOT 7
(featuring Bob Draga, cl; Jeff Barnhart, p)




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