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John Cocuzzi, vibraphone, piano, drums, vocals


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    KIDpower - Johnny's first band
The Mcguire 4 (until we got a bass player and we were
the Mcguire 5).
We were all in Mrs. Mcguire's homeroom at
Westover Elem. in Landover, MD. Later, we became
KID POWER. Our big numbers were "Proud Mary" and "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown." Todd Carroll, gtr; John, drums; Billy Lowe, tamb.; and Greg, vocals.  Photo by Johnny's mommy.
  No comment. Johnny Tut.

    Hot Jazz trip to Breda Jazz Festival 1986
1986 – John signing autographs in Hanover, Germany
on a tour by Hot Jazz that included 1986 Breda Jazz Festival.
Brooks Tegler
(ldr, dr), Clyde Hunt (tpt), Gary Gregg (reeds),
Jeff Severson (gtr), Terry Benton (b), John Cocuzzi (vb, p).
  1986 - Hanover, Germany with the Hot Jazz band
1986 - John Cocuzzi, vibes, and Jeff Severson, guitar, performing
with Hot Jazz in Hanover, Germany. Brooks Tegler (ldr, dr),
Clyde Hunt
(tpt), Gary Gregg (reeds), Terry Benton (b).
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    Big Joe and the Dynaflows
Big Joe and the Dynaflows in 2000:
"Big Joe" Maher
(dr, voc), Joe Stanley (t.sax),
Steve Potter
(b), John Cocuzzi (p, voc), Ivan Appelrouth (gtr)
Gutter Records recording session for "I Warned Ya, Baby"
By Gary Gibson
  Big 3 Trio: John Previti, John Cocuzzi, and Big Joe Maher
Big 3 Trio in 2004:
John Previti
(b), John Cocuzzi (p, voc), Joe Maher (dr, voc).
By Nicolette Modaber


Gallery Photo pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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